How to know if your friend is doing MBA (#Puns Intended)

Sometimes, we simply don’t know what our friends are doing and you can’t keep asking them because it might hurt some of  them. So if you find following clues, consider them doing Master of Business Administration or as Nicolas Cage call it, “Meh Bi Aah” (Please read “He” here as unisex. Don’t blame me, blame the sex ratios in the business schools)

1. Your friend changes his Display picture, now posing in his Business Suits

Your friend has abandon his cool profile picture wearing “I love NY” t-shirt or Imitation of official football merchandise which he bought from Palika Bazaar. In comes the neat picture, posing in the suit which he got made on his brother’s wedding. You might also spot others wearing a similar uniform  suit in the picture. The herd might be heading on some seminar before posing for their display picture (priceless!)

Getting ready for the Seminar

2. He sends you an idiotic survey to fill on

This might be the most annoying and obvious symptom of B-school syndrome.  On a lazy Sunday afternoon or tiring evening after work, all your friend ask for is, to fill an online survey. Survey might be part of your friend’s assignment or project, but once you fill them, the surveys will keep on coming. They ask you the stupidiest questions and you can’t fill in your frustration because its only a multiple choice question. The question may range from,  what temperature of drinking water do you prefer to drink , which is the best meal for your pet or do you think so America should bomb North Korea ?

An MBA student found out through a ground breaking Survey
An MBA student found out through a ground breaking Survey

3.  He suddenly starts quoting Warren Buffet and Phillip Kotler excessively 

Your friend is now exposed to the world of inspired business leaders. He reads the books about them, involve in their case studies and it is natural for him to get awestruck by some of them.  You will notice that your friend will unnecessarily and excessively start quoting the likes of Warren Buffet, Philip Kolter, Sam Walton, Jack Welch or Kamaal R. Khan AKA  KRK (very famous in B-schools), you can know that your friend is rubbing his nose with them in a B-school.

As Kotler once said ......"Moow"
As Kotler once said ……”Moow”

4. He seeks career Advice when he is drunk 

Your friend might know the all the fact of the world through his surveys and case study,but he will still look for career advice from others, specially when he is drunk. Most of these discussions are around new dotcom business or overseas job offer or doubts about joining family business.

I am thinking about this new DotCom business maaan ..
I am thinking about this new DotCom business maaan ..


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27 Comments Add yours

  1. So what hope is there for people like me who teach at B Schools? 😀


    1. Aah.. A B-school teacher !! You are surrounded by the entire herd. All the best is all I can say :p


  2. Abhra Pal says:

    Well said, actually took back to a moment when few of my classmates were doing one.


    1. Thank you so much Abhra


  3. Harsha says:

    Hahaha..I am lucky I guess as I don’t have ant MBA friends as of now.. 😉


    1. let me tell you, They are not bad friends to have


  4. cavegirlmba says:

    Thank you for brightening my Sunday! Love the picture of the monkey in a suit 🙂


    1. Your welcome. Glad you liked my post


  5. numerounity says:

    Lolz…True that!

    Also include taht he/she talks Jargons and jargons!


    1. Yes, Yes!! How did I forgot that !!


  6. Mamta Sharma says:

    Thanks Avinash for sharing your thoughts about a friend!


  7. gypsysoul.. says:

    hahah 😛 good one .. especially the part about the pictures in suits .. soo true 🙂


    1. Haha.. thank you so much


  8. Vinaya says:

    Hahaha! Not been so close but yes after a few friends joined business school, there was a lot of unnecessary analysis into everything..including jargons! I wonder what MBAs think about being stereotyped like this ;)..but good fun reading


    1. Since this post, some of these “MBA” friends has started acting little protecting towards my analysis which is funnier than their previous behavior. So the fact is, they dont like to be stereotyped. Thanks for your comment


  9. Vaisakh says:

    😀 Good one. Picture in suits – that rang a bell somewhere.. 😀


    1. Oh yes, it does. Thanks for your comment


  10. I can identify with the survey bit. Liked the post 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment. Surveys had been annoying me for long, it should have been number 1


  11. bemoneyaware says:

    Very interesting. LOL.
    So how many MBA friends do you have?


    1. Enough to make me write this post. Thanks for your comment


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