How Non-football media in India will cover #WC2014 ?

cricketer playing football

The time has come when all the non-football fans, folks, media and the nations realize the power of this sport. When every kids in India will start supporting Brazil football team without realizing that Ronaldo now plays for Portugal and random uncle inquiring you, “what happened to Ronaldinho ?”The thing is that so much will be written/covered  about the World Cup that everyone, including the average Johda Akbar/ Diya Aur Batti types will talk and discuss football.

How about media in India? How will they cope with this mega shift of power from elections/ipl/reality shows/ babas to football ?

Here is how media will treat the world cup in coming days. Arnab Gosawmi will try his best to do frankly speaking with Roy Hudson, while Deepak Chorasia will add Brazil to his illustriously list of danger travels of Iraq, Afghanistan, Mars and Noida and Rajdeep will claim that his channel was most watched during the World cup, like every other news channel. Other highlights are as under:

1. Man of Match will re-coined on Salman Khan movies.

Neymar will be called Tiger, Robben will e bWanted and Messi will be Dabbang. This will how the post game analysis will be in coming days. Watch this space.messi dabbang

2. All forwards will be called Strikers, no matter where they play.

3. Comparison between Football & Cricket

This will involve comparison between Chennai Super kings & Real Madrid, Pretty Zinta & Roman Abramovich, Usha Uthup & Piers Morgan, Rohit Sharma & Fernando Torres, & Greg Chappel & David Moyes.

4. WAGs and Swags


You may find Aaj Tak Visesh or Special Report on News24 on Wives and Girl Friends. Finally, one show where England might actually wins the World Cup.


5. Which Indian celeb went to Brazil for the finals

Around the semi-finals and finals, lot of Indian celebs will be traveling to Brazil. Our media will make sure they get more coverage than in-coming floods in Bihar and Assam.

If you are lucky football nerd, the chances are the hot girl may come across your table and ask you to explain offside rule. Actually I am putting all my eggs in this basket to get a date this month.  Have a awesome Footballing time everyone.

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  1. teny says:

    I guess the last thing you mentioned will be the most important stuff for the media 🙂


    1. Yeah, no one will miss that


  2. Spot on Avinash!

    About your query about the curfew in Bangkok when I visited it was from 12.00 midnight to 4.00 am. In other places like Khaoyai there was no curfew. 😀


  3. Anita says:

    Nicely covered, Football is in the air everywhere, Blog Posts included! 🙂


    1. Thank you Anita. Once in 4 years atleast, football deserve so much attention, even in India


    1. point exactly


      1. :)…ur post just acme into my mind as I read thru the headline…..:)


  4. Haha.. thanks for sharing the link btw. My post feels little more relevant now 🙂


  5. Team BlogAdda says:

    This post has been selected for the Spicy Saturday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging 🙂


    1. Thank you team. You are awesome 🙂


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