7 Favorite Comic book (series )

This is an absolute favorite list and you will see that I am biased towards DC and superheroes, but I am only human .

1  The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

There might be better comic books around, but reading The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller was one of the best memory ever. The artwork of the aging but familiar characters were done well and holding this comic book was a novelty in itself. Batman, who has retired himself, comes out of retirement to fighting a new generation of criminals and some old foes. Frank Miller also wrote the prequel to the Dark Knight Returns as Batman Year One, which was also a good read.



One of my all time favorite comic book with so many memories.. Batman The Dark Knight


2  Sandman Series by Neil Gaiman

I have read the first six part of Sandman series and as a series this long, it is one of the most satisfying comic adventure. It is centered around the character Morpheus, who is a god of dreams, accidentally captured by a mortal on earth who wanted to caption Dream’s sister Death for the obvious reasons. From there, Neil Gaiman elevates the world of gods, their portal and relationship with themselves and mortals. Though the series have a rather slow start, it peaks from book 3 and goes on to become one of the best.


Sandman #1


3 Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis 

I have read the first 4 books of Transmetropolitan by Warren Ellis about a loud mouth, ill tempered journalist Spider Jerusalem who comes out of his self exile to restart his career. The world created by Warren is  futuristic but too weird, dark and almost self-destructive society. The sub-text of the pseudo-world of the comic book obviously reaches the world we live in.


Book Cover : Transmetropolitan



4 The Killing Joke (Batman) by Alan Moore

If I am making a comic book list, chances are that Alan Moore will feature multiple times and so will Batman. However, The Killing Joke is more about the Joker than the cape crusader himself. After Warner Brothers released the Joker last year, the interest in the manic character has increased more than ever . Alan Moore’s take on Joker in this book is probably my favorite and also the most brutal form of the character. The origin story of Joker is also unique in the book, much different than the movie. The dialogues and the ending of the book is legendary and don’t miss out of this masterpiece.

The Killing Joke

5  V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

Alan Moore once again features in the list because he knows how to increase the profile of the story and make it absolutely unforgettable experience. V For Vendetta is set in the future England where a fascist and authoritarian regime takes over the normal form of life and how a resistance let my one masked character starts the revolution. It is intelligent, deep and brilliant story telling doubled with the great artwork of David Lloyd. Also the movie based on it is a must watch.


V for Vendetta

6 The Watchmen by Alan Moore 

This post is slowly turning in to Alan Moore appreciation post, I think I have to do another post to include more writers but can I exclude The Watchmen from the favorite list !! Watchmen is a comic book noir where a group of superheros who have grown past their desirability to the world try to blend in to world as equals. There world changes when they are stalked and killed by an assassin and once again get them reason to change back the new normal for superheroes. This iconic work is full of social and political subtexts and an absolute  must read.


7  Injustice- God Among Us 

Inspired by video game, Injustice is the story where everything we know about Justice League is changed forever. Superman is tricked in to killing what he loves most and it triggers the chain of events which leads Superman and his friends in to controlling the world order. Only one man is standing against them- Batman.


What are your absolute favorite comic books .



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  1. V, The Killing Joke and Watchmen are awesome! I’m yet to read the rest, but most of them are on my TBR!


    1. They are indeed awesome. Alan Moore is God of modern comics

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